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Home care services

We can provide care in your home anywhere in London

We can provide home care in as little as 24 hours!

We are more than a home care agency

Our home care services offer remarkable flexibility, allowing you to reside securely and comfortably in the familiar surroundings of your own home. Whether you require daily or weekly care visits, or the dedicated assistance of a live-in carer, we provide a wide range of homecare services tailored to meet your unique needs, including short-term, hour-by-hour support options.

At the core of our home care philosophy lies the ultimate objective of promoting independent living that aligns perfectly with your preferences. Your personalized care plan will be meticulously crafted to reflect your specific requirements, ensuring that the support you receive is entirely centered around your individual needs. With our dedicated approach, you can expect as little or as much assistance as you desire, all with the aim of fostering your independence and well-being.

Home care services

When should I consider help at home?

The decision to seek professional home care services is not bound by a specific time, health condition, or diagnosis. It arises simply when you recognize the need for additional support in carrying out daily tasks, meal preparation, or living life according to your preferences.

Many individuals initially engage home care services to assist with light household duties such as cleaning, changing bedding, vacuuming, and meal preparation, particularly after being discharged from the hospital. Over time, they may increase the frequency and duration of visits to receive help with personal care, transportation to appointments, and companionship. In some cases, this may progress to round-the-clock live-in or overnight care.

Home care is available for individuals aged 18 and above, extending to those well beyond the age of 100. Our services can also cater to specific conditions, including industry-accredited dementia care. Opting for care at home means choosing to remain in the comforting environment you know and cherish, instead of transitioning to local care facilities or nursing homes.

How can a home care service help me?

Home care encompasses various aspects that can provide assistance to individuals, and even couples living together. In addition to offering direct support to you, home care also provides an added sense of reassurance to family members who may not always be available, knowing that you are receiving the necessary assistance.

Our homecare services offer a range of benefits, including:

Personalized Support: Tailored assistance that caters to your specific needs and preferences.
Peace of Mind: Knowing that professional caregivers are there to provide reliable care and support.
Maintaining Independence: Enabling you to retain autonomy and continue living life on your terms.
Companionship: Building meaningful relationships with compassionate caregivers, fostering social connections.
Continuity of Care: Consistent support from a dedicated team of caregivers who understand your unique situation.
Family Involvement: Involving and keeping family members informed and reassured about your care.

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Home care services

What does a home carer do?

Choosing home care doesn’t have to be daunting with our fully-trained, private carers.

The primary objective of a home carer is to ensure that you receive the necessary support to maintain your independence within the comforts of your own home. At Nation Home Care Ltd, we take immense pride in our rigorous industry-leading training program, which equips each of our compassionate carers with the skills and expertise to seamlessly provide home care whenever it is required, without any delay.

Personal care

Your home carer can provide discreet help with routines such as toileting and getting dressed


Our carers are available to help with essential household chores, including cleaning, laundry, and tidying up, ensuring your home remains neat and organized.

Mobility support

Our trained carers provide mobility support, helping you move around your home confidently and safely.

Light medical support

Our carers can provide specialized care such as catheter care, PEG feeding, and suppository assistance.


Our carers can provide companionship and enjoy activities such as having a cup of tea or watching a favorite film with you.

Help getting out the home

Whether you want to head out into your community, go shopping or visit loved ones, a carer can go with you

Preparing meals

Our carers can prepare nutritious meals, snacks, and drinks according to your schedule and dietary requirements.

Running errands

Our carers are ready to lend a hand with various errands, from picking up prescriptions to assisting with bill payments.

Start receiving respite care in under 24 hours!

Need support in an emergency? We can offer expert help in your home within 24 hours.

As soon as you reach out to our friendly customer support team, we will prioritize providing you with the respite support you require as swiftly as possible. What’s more, we won’t cut any corners – you’ll still receive the same exceptional support that our customers have come to expect from

Home care services
Home care services
Home care services

We are a fully regulated service

Closely monitored by an external regulatory body

Arranging respite care

Call our team of experts on 0737 768 5187 to talk through your options and any questions you may have regarding your care.

One of our local care managers will visit you to discuss your requirements and learn about the type of care you’re after.

We’ll ensure you have the right care and support in place that fits around your needs and preferences.

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